Valentine’s Make Up Tutorial

Look your best for your big Valentine’s Date with this great make up tutorial in Inglot here in City Square Shopping Centre in Waterford.
Here is a list of the Inglot Products mentioned during the video.
Peach primer using a 21 T brush.
66 YSM foundation with a 38 sS brush.
97 undereye concealer on a 4ss brush.
403 hd powder with a 3p brush.
52 soft sparkler with the 4s brush.
21 press powder with the 15bjf brush.
48 blusher with 15bjf brush
14 brow gel on a 31T brush.
395 shadow
563 shadow on 6ss brush
52 shadow using 6ss brush
305 shadow using a 46ss brush
302 shadow
306 eyeshadow on a 13p brush
305 shadow using the 10S brush
52 shadow using a 6ss brus Secret volume mascara.
319 lip liner
53 lip paint.
Inglot is open 7 days a week in City Square and has a great selection of Valentine’s Gifts.