City Square Waterford Essential Retailers Opening Hours and Services

We want to remind you that City Square Waterford is still open. Our essential retailers are working tirelessly in these difficult circumstances to make sure they can provide everything you need. The opening hours outlined below are correct as of 8pm, 9th April 2020.

Opening Hours

Dunnes Stores

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 9am-6pm
Sunday: 12pm-6pm

Dunnes Stores is designating the hours of 11am-1pm to elderly and vulnerable customers. They have also allocated Checkout 10 for exclusive use by these customers during other shopping hours. Please respect this. Where possible, please come alone to do your shopping. Come prepared with a list and spend as little time in the supermarket as possible. See more about how Dunnes Stores is working to keep their customers and colleagues safe here.


Mulligan’s Pharmacy

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 10am to 4pm
Sunday: Closed



Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 10am-12pm (appointment only)
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
Specsavers will provide limited services only including:
👁 Emergency eyecare
 Collection of spectacles
👓 Collection of contact lenses
To book an appointment, call 051877500. If you call out of hours, leave a message. The Specsavers Waterford team will return your call at their earliest convenience.
Please note, they will be giving priority to critical care workers and emergency cases during those times.


Holland & Barrett Waterford

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 12pm-6pm


When shopping in City Square Waterford, please help us to help you!

 Please use the hand sanitiser (wall-mounted inside every door) on entry and exit to the shopping centre.
 Maintain social distance at all times (a minimum of 2m/6ft) particularly when queuing at checkouts.
 Please respect the designated hours of 11am-1pm in Dunnes Stores for elderly, vulnerable and family carers.
 Please use card payments and tap to pay where possible.
 Consider using the ‘Shop and Scan’ self service checkouts.
 Please do not bulk buy any groceries or medicines.

Thank you for your continued consideration and cooperation.